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We are very proud to be part of this initiative, with a feeling that we have left a legacy of knowledge in every city we visited and contributed to the training and reskilling of so many students, professionals, and companies that have joined us.

Tatiana Abib

DuPont Latin America Communications Leader
ALPHA CLICHERIA This is the second year of the partnership between Alpha Clicheria and Instituto de Embalagens and we have just celebrated our participation in 10 editions of the event. We have been to ten different cities in seven Brazilian states and we have driven miles of roads and conducted hundreds of meetings, countless conversations, and exchanges of knowledge. We congratulate the initiative of Instituto de Embalagens and hope that all professionals who participated in the events will continue advancing their careers.

Adriano Godoi

Executive of Alpha Clicheria

For Ibema, being together with Instituto de Embalagens has been fundamental to understand the most recent trends in Brazil and globally. Led by the excellent professional Assunta Camilo, the institute has been able to conduct lectures and targeted training that greatly contributed to improving the relationship between Ibema and its clients. The courses conducted by Instituto de Embalagens are specific and quick, allowing a concrete view of the packaging sector for Ibema’s professionals and clients that have taken the classes. The highly respectable books are a reliable reference in all aspects of the processes, materials, applications, trends, and sustainability, and are available for consultation for anyone in the company.

We believe that Instituto de Embalagens will always have very high relevance for Ibema, the sector, and society for its capacity of articulation among public institutions, being able to respond to the continuous demands of this dynamic packaging industry.

Fernando Wagner Sandri

Ibema Papel
KRONES In 2017, we entered into a partnership with Instituto de Embalagens for a series of services, counting on the institute’s expertise with a focus on packaging trends. The services covered a presentation, conducted by Assunta, on packaging trends in the beverage market that was part of a training program for Krones’ clients at our headquarters in Neutraubling, a week before Drinktec, a trade fair in Munich. In addition, the coverage of Drinktec was later presented by Instituto de Embalagens at an event held in Brazil for those who did not have the opportunity to be there in person. For us at Krones, the whole package was very well planned and cohesive as we were able to share the entire experience of the institute in training sessions with our clients. Furthermore, the coverage of the fair with the Drinktec panel, organized by Instituto de Embalagens, was extremely valuable.

Thiago Norio Sugiura

Marketing Coordinator

The training will be very important for the team. Now they have a better understanding of the main graphic processes that we use in our packaging. The upcoming discussions on this matter will certainly be more valuable, with improved expertise of the process, its implications, limitations, and opportunities. Furthermore, we will have better conditions to assertively plan and execute a project. We have not yet implemented the opportunities for improvements in our internal process of development and approval of new packaging design because the pandemic is not allowing the dynamics we would like to have. However, we plan to start doing this as soon as we return to normality and can get together at our production unit. As for the quality of the training, you have proved to be very technical and delivered what was promised!

Rodrigo Angeloni


If I had to summarize Instituto de Embalagens in a single word it would be UNIQUE.
Why unique? Because of the expertise demonstrated in the segment; refined professionalism along the institute’s journey; incredible educational material; empathy and relationship with its partners without which we would not have had the opportunity to multiply the knowledge shared over time. I appreciated the quality of the in-company course, which exceeded our expectations. Your expertise is unique. I take this opportunity to congratulate your team and especially you for the 15 years of the young and promising Instituto de Embalagens.

Jane Campos


About us


Fundado em 2005, o Instituto de Embalagens é referência em ensino e pesquisa sobre embalagens no Brasil. O trabalho consiste na realização de cursos, eventos, workshops e treinamentos visando difundir o conhecimento sobre embalagem e o desenvolvimento dos profissionais do setor.


To coordinate and conduct studies, courses, meetings, and training sessions that contribute to improving the knowledge about packaging.


To be the center of knowledge about packaging in Brazil.


Acreditamos que embalagens melhores promovem melhor qualidade de vida.

Better Packaging, Better World!